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I am wearing my red shirt today.

The Sidney Morning Herald has a story from an Australian eyewitness of the military crackdown on protesters that took place yesterday in Rangoon.

In another SMH article Myanmar officials claims that the countrywide interruption in internet services has been due to a damaged underwater cable. Troops have sealed off the center of Rangoon with barbed wire.

Even Forbes is reporting in the internet crackdown.

The International Herald Tribune reports that a single Facebook group on Burma has attracted some 100,000 members in less than 10 days in an expression of internet solidarity.

A review of satellite images (download) by the American Association for the Advancement of Science reveal the effects of the junta's program of ethnic cleansing. More details in the Timesonline article.

Please join us in a community created by [ profile] mijan: [ profile] the_world_prays as we send good thoughts and prayers for Burma.
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The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that troops in Rangoon opened fire after protesters hurled rocks and bottles at them, killing a reported 10 individuals, one of whom is reported to have been a Japanese reporter.

Recall the warning that police might use the tactic of dressing up as protesters? How can anyone know who threw the stones?

The junta has now raided the monasteries in Rangoon and have imprisoned some 500 monks, as well as closing the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Democracy Now! is reporting this morning that cybercafes and mobile phones are being shut down in an attempt to stem the flow of videos and blog information about the protest.

They are also reporting that China has effectively blocked any UN action on the situation in Burma.

A burmese blog in Rangoon with video of soldiers shooting in the background.

This Burmese blogger has not updated since the 24th.

There is a movement on to Wear Red for Burma this Friday (tomorrow). Please pass it on.


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