Feb. 3rd, 2006 07:56 am
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I believe I have successfully fought off whatever bug was threatening me. I was a bit guarded about it yesterday as I was feeling a bit feverish in the afternoon. Seems everyone at work is coming down with it, including the girl in the cubicle next to mine.

Having a working immune system is a new thing for me. I'm used to succumbing to any random virus that comes along, and having a hard time of it as my asthma kicks in. My body was constantly fighting off allergens and had no reserves to fight off real bugs. Being free of the burden of extreme allergies is amazing.

My boss treated us to lunch for making a benchmark yesterday, which was cool. We walked the two blocks to the restaurant. I kept up with the crowd and was only a bit winded. I usually have to walk slowly to avoid triggering my asthma, but hey, I could keep up this time. I do need to get more exercise, and it's nice to know I can manage it.

So I shall skip off to work this morning, happy in the knowledge that I am less vulnerable than ever!
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Just got a voicemail from my doctor. Seems he has been trying to get Providence to actually send me my Xolair now that they've approved it. Here's what he said," I just got off the phone with Providence Mail Order. I'm afraid they're not happy with me. I had to get profane with them. But you should be all set up now..."

My doctor is willing to swear at the pharmacy for me! hehehe.
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I *finally* got prior authorization for my Xolair. Now, for those playing along with the home game, this is the drug that lets me be a "normal" person with respect to breathing air -- shuts off the allergic response at the IgE level and I don't get asthma attacks. With six days to spare, too. It thought it was going to get ugly for a bit there and I was going to have to pull in favors from my mom's friends in Salem. Now comes trying to figure out how to actually procure the drug. The company is pretty weird about distributing it. Most people don't self administer it because you have to mix it just right. I happen to be a chemist and do this kind of thing anyway, so no problem. Second difficulty is that, even though it's a sub-q injection -- the stuff is like the consistency of Jell-o and I can't do it myself -- I tense up. So either my partner or my EMT friend gives it to me. They both complain that it takes alot of hand strength. Yeah, guys. Don't think about how it feels on *my* end...

I just concentrate on no hospitals anymore. A little sting is nothing compared to that.

Otherwise, I have a headache from going through data data data. blech.
I want to kill something-- amend that -- I want to play D&D and kill something unreal. I hope the weasels show up tonight so I can get my fix. I gets pretty cranky without it.


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