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Found on Slashdot by jcuervo:

| why the hell would you have 5 iPods?

Beowulf minicluster?
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Undeterred by its recent lack of success in battles against Lucent, Novell, Sun and other, Microsoft has set its crack patent infringement attorneys loose against the opponents least able to pony up the cash to make it worth their while: Linux, Gnome and KDE.

Yes, Windoze has declared war on open source.

VNUNET reports that Microsoft has filed claims against open source software companies for some 235 patent infringements.

Redmond declined to disclose exactly which patents were violated.

That would be telling.
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You owe a great debt to Alan Turing.

Take any computer history class and you will learn about the Turing machine (perhaps having to simulate one) and the Turing Test for artificial intelligence. Take any mathematics course on codes and ciphers and you will encounter Enigma and the Turing-Welchman Bombe used to crack German codes. His name shows up at all of the foundations of early computing, from his home in Britain working at Bletchley Park, designing software for the Manchester Mark 1, to Bell Labs.

In 1952, Alan Turing was convicted of "gross indecency" after admitting a sexual affair with another man. Rather than go to prison for two years, he was made to undergo estrogen therapy to reduce his libido. The therapy also caused depression. He was declared a security risk and stripped of his security clearance.

Turing committed suicide in 1954.

After three weeks of counseling, we learn that humiliated former pastor Ted Haggard is now "completely heterosexual". Acting on the recommendation of the oversight board of his former church, he is taking up secular work. He and his wife are taking online courses toward master's degrees in Psychology.

Do we suppose he'll use his new degree to "share the love"?

Geek Love

Aug. 11th, 2006 12:28 pm
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This vid brought a tear to my eye - I was giggling so hard!
Geek love song!

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And I completely ROCK!
I have been working on getting one of my HPLCs to work with three pumps for quite some time. Several months have gone into this project because I have no manual for this pump (forget the web, I’ve tried),, nor do I have one for the UV detector.

I first got the system working with the two pumps I had manuals for and the detector. I had to bare-wire interface the cable into a bus on the on-board CIM on the A pump to get the UV detector to work by trial and error, since there was no other way. That took hours. The third pump, which was diferent than the other two, wouldn’t play nice with the others.

A call to the company that bought up the ramining stock when the mfg went out of business revealed that I needed an external CIM to dirve that pump. Swell. They dg one out and we bought it. Voila I could see the pump, but I oculdn’t work it. I got an error message saying the pump was incompatible. Looked like a pump firmware ssue to me. Several emails back an forth produced no joy. I tried and tried many different configurations – even installing an older than dirt version of the software. No joy.

I finally managed in a last ditch effort to get the tech serices guy on the line when I was in front of the machine. Even though I had typed in the error message OH so faithfully before, reading it to him now made him give a heavy sigh and say, “Oh, you need the firmware upgrade. I’ll send you one.”

Phew. And here I thought it was the firmware. So I got 2 lovely little Eproms today. I popped the top and installed them. *Joy*

I am such a geek girl. And did I mention I rock!


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