Sep. 28th, 2007

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Rush Limbaugh called American soldiers who question the US presence in Iraq "phony soldiers". Many on the Right are saying he was referring to the case of Jesse MacBeth, a washed out recruit who masqueraded as an Army Ranger (Rush and others have claimed that "the Left" was somehow complicit in MacBeth's actions. There is no evidence of this). But the transcript of the show clearly shows that Rush's coverage of the MacBeth case took place after his remarks about "phony soldiers". Anyone listening to the conversation up to that point would be forced to assume he meant soldiers with dissenting viewpoints. Because one person gets caught in a hoax, he generalizes that over all dissenters.

Rush Limbaugh's show is carried on Armed Forces Radio. Is this what our troops really need to hear? After such a big stink was made over an ad about General Petraeus in the NYT, why is this man allowed to broadcast this hate over Armed Forces Radio?
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I am wearing my red shirt today.

The Sidney Morning Herald has a story from an Australian eyewitness of the military crackdown on protesters that took place yesterday in Rangoon.

In another SMH article Myanmar officials claims that the countrywide interruption in internet services has been due to a damaged underwater cable. Troops have sealed off the center of Rangoon with barbed wire.

Even Forbes is reporting in the internet crackdown.

The International Herald Tribune reports that a single Facebook group on Burma has attracted some 100,000 members in less than 10 days in an expression of internet solidarity.

A review of satellite images (download) by the American Association for the Advancement of Science reveal the effects of the junta's program of ethnic cleansing. More details in the Timesonline article.

Please join us in a community created by [ profile] mijan: [ profile] the_world_prays as we send good thoughts and prayers for Burma.


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