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Controversy has sprung up around the "Once More With Feeling" charity sing-a-longs. Fox Television suddenly pulled the plug on the events and is not answering calls requesting information.

The response on Whedonesque has been predictably militant and anti-Fox (since many fans have never gotten over the Firefly fiasco). The Browncoats are organizing again.

Joss Whedon commented thus:


This is hugely depressing. I will do everything in my power to find out the exact reasoning for this and try to convince those responsible what a mistake it is. Of course, the words "my power" might confuse my gentle readers into believing I have any. I don't know what I'll be able to do, and I've no idea even where to start. Nor do I think this was done maliciously or capriciously. But it's lousy news and it's bad business. I'm hoping the latter element might prevail. I'll keep you posted.

As ever, -j.


The organizer of the sing-alongs also responded:

Actually, I could use a good Buffy-fan lawyer who could talk to me about all this. No, no, not to sue anybody, but to find out what I should do next, business wise and everything. Anybody know anyone, drop my a line off-list.

PS - I'm in the NYC area.

adding in the next comment

Oh, and everyone, I want to thank you for your support - Joss especially, since I haven't been in contact with him at all. It's sweet that he knows about the shows and is concerned about our abrupt and unexpected halt.

And yeah, just so you all know, I was trying to do this all officially and make it profitable for everyone (the studio, etc), but now I am indeed in debt. I invested everything in making this show good and working to spread it around the country in hopes that it could soon stand on its own so I could re-coup my investment. And now...well...poopy.

But most of all, I'm just sad that I won't be dancing and singing with the fans for a while. And I just bought a nice blue Zoot Suit so I could start training to be a dancing demon, too. Double poopy.

Buffy SingALong


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