Aug. 22nd, 2007

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Overall, I think I've been a very nice ex-wife. There are lots of things I did not do.
Like breaking things he left here, or leaving them out in the rain.

But I never even thought to do this.

A woman in Moscow set her ex-husband's penis on fire as he sat naked watching television (they continued to share a flat due to high property costs).

What motivated me, dear readers, to share this little tidbit with you was the following line from the Reuters story:

"The attack climaxed three years of acrimonious enforced co-habitation."

That's the kind of line you wait your entire career to compose.
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If you want to read what is missing from Deathly Hallows, scurry over to [ profile] furiosity's journal and read Prophetic. Do I really need to tell you it's a spoiler, people?

I'm thinking of taking the suggestion from [ profile] janicechess and putting a printout in my copy of DH. Still angry at JKR for leaving this out. It took F only 500 words to do it beautifully.
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Sir Mick has finally decided that he's too old to rock and roll.

The Rolling Stones have declared that the Bigger Bang Tour will be their last, according to a Daily Telegraph article.

With the band members in their 60's, touring since 1962, they deserve a break.


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