Aug. 21st, 2007

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Same sex partners can now travel to Oklahoma without fear of having their legally adopted children seized, thanks to a ruling by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, all of whom were Republican appointees.

AlterNet reports that Oklahoma's "Adoption Invalidation Law" was ruled in violation of the Constitution's Full Faith and Credit clause requiring the States to honor one another's judicial judgments.

The couples bringing suit included a Seattle gay couple who feared loss of rights when visiting their adopted daughter's biological mom in Oklahoma, a lesbian couple who feared that the non-biological mom would not be able to sign medical or other forms, and an Oklahoma lesbian couple who, when their daughter was hurt, was told by the ambulance crew that only "the mother" could accompany the child to the hospital.
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This story is not about pit bulls. It's about a pet owner that not only failed to keep his or her animals secured, but ignored previous incidents when their pets had shown aggression. The results were tragic.

A Gig Harbor woman is in serious condition at St. Joseph's Hospital this evening after being mauled in her bed by two pit bulls. According to the Seattle Times article, the pit bulls entered her residence through a pet door. She tried firing a gun at the dogs but couldn't get them to go away. She eventually escaped to her car. The dogs also killed a neighbor's Jack Russell Terrier.
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In a move as mysterious as their appearance was controversial, Pepsi V-gifts have vanished, save for their mention on the [ profile] news page.

We blame Kreacher.


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