Aug. 19th, 2007

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The wasps, they have their revenge!

I normally don't interfere with Mother Nature. If the yellow jackets get thick, I move my picnic inside, no problem. But lately, they've been harassing the cats. I really only have one cat, but if you feed one, you have to feed them all or they fight. No sooner does the food splat into the bowl, but the wasps come to dine.

I wouldn't mind that much, either, save that they are stinging and biting the cats. After all, I'm feeding freeloaders already, and how much can a wasp really eat? They do have their uses in the food chain.

But, hey. I draw the line. You come on my porch, you eat my food, you play nice.

So I bought a wasp trap. It was their fault. The wasps made me.
I assembled it, I baited it, and hung it.

The next morning, yesterday, I left early for a boat trip on the Columbia. While standing in line to board the boat, I felt something under my sleeve on my upper right arm.

A very painful sting and something yellow flying off.

My arm is still a bit swollen today, but there's about 20 wasps in the trap and I don't feel nearly as sorry about it.


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