May. 21st, 2007

Reality TV

May. 21st, 2007 10:08 am
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Forgive me flist, for I have sinned.

For the past few weeks I've made a dedicated foray into Reality TV™. I had, prior to this time, watched an occasional episode of "WIfe Swap" (my friend the pirate was on it). I admit to some prurient interest in seeing cheerleader moms harvest deer urine, or tattooed biker moms invade corporate OCD families. It appeals to my sense of chaos.

It was because of "Wife Swap" that I began watching Dancing WIth the Stars.

DWTS had three things going for it: Clyde "the Glide" Drexler (former Trailblazer and my favorite NBA player of all time), Tom Bergeron, the former host of a wacky, live morning show on FX that I adored before FX got stupid, and ballroom dancing.

I like watching ballroom dancing. Besides watching every Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers (as well as their other partners) movie I can find, I have been known to watch the national ballroom competition on PBS. I took a couple of terms of ballroom so I know the basics.

I loved watching the dancing part of the shows (on Monday). I watched one "results" show and hated it. I don't like being in suspense like that. Jimmy Kimmel is not funny. The dances were poorly choreographed (on a dancing show?) to some pop star I'd never heard of.

I realized early on that Clyde, while a gentleman through and through, cannot dance.
He stayed in far longer than he should have. Credit him with being a nice guy.

What kept me watching was the level of competition among the top dancers. They all started out pretty bad, but some got better and better. A few started to get really good. Good on a level that, if they kept it up, they could be very good, if not professional dancers.

I was really impressed with three in particular:
Apolo Anton Ono - Five-time olympic medal winner for speed skating, who, with his partner, makes up the youngest and cutest team. They often present the most technically difficult dances.

Joey Fatone - from Nsync - An irrepressible and athletic showman that leaves me breathless. His jive last week was fantastic.

Laila Ali - World Champion Boxer and Muhammad Ali's daughter - Graceful, sultry and athletic. I am prejudiced against boxing. I sure wish she would find another career. Like, oh, say, dancing...

These three are in the finals tonight. I want to see them dance. I really don't give a damn who wins. The three I really liked survived long enough for me to see them dance the maximum amount of times. Hmmm. I fail at Reality TV™.


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