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Dec. 29th, 2005 11:48 pm
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First night of Whales in Space. Nerd fest. The dining room table has four laptops and a PC. Only one is running Windoze. Two laptops and the PC are running flavours of Linux. I've got the Mac. I know there's another Mac in the house.

At present they are drooling over this website. It seems an entrepreneur looking for money for college has sold his website for a dollar per pixel. Quite the feat of HTML.

We have also visited the badger site. Badger badger badger mushroom (you know the drill). Now I am sitting here with my Glenmorangie whiskey and my tunes.

Gary suggests we all listen to the Lascivious Biddies. Best girl jazz I have heard lately.

The puzzle is completely outlined and has a few details inside. I predict it will be done easily this year.

I'm off to bed -- I will most probably be up and make breakfast.
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First, may I say that tonight's game was exactly what I needed -- I did in (with some help) two ogres. And I still had 2 hit points left over so I could have gone after the third, but the party chose to negotiate instead. Which is cool. We really didn't need the spoils from the dead ones so it was a fair deal.

What's really bugging me tonight is that I think I'm turning into a girl. I gave up a major geek flag this weekend. I have this fanny pack, you see. Everyone, including me, refers to it as my Bat Utility Belt (B.U.B) because I carry various and sundry items such as my Leatherman, flashlight, pharmaceuticals, med kit, Palm/phone, etc. in it. I had one that I really liked that had a hard case in front for my sunglasses, but it wore out. I went down to Oregon Leather in Portland to see if I could find another just like it. They didn't have one. What I did find was a red purse. UH OH!

Some of you may recall the computer case incident. Inara travels resplendent in red leather. This purse matches her case. They both match my pumps -- you remember the red pumps, too? I notice I've been wearing earrings, too. *sigh*

Maybe I'll get up the nerve to put everything on and take pix.
From geek to girl. Can you handle this?
The saving grace is that the cell phone holder on the side of the purse is just the right size to fit my Leatherman! Accessibility is the key!


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