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Feb. 2nd, 2006 09:58 am
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Woke up this AM with my throat feeling scratchy and my chest in that fuzzy “I’m going to get congested” feeling. I’m hoping that I just strained my voice chanting last night. We did an hour long classical style Indian chant and I know my voice was cracking last night. But then, I was coughing mysteriously yesterday. I am taking extra C and zinc supplements today. Can’t hurt.

It’s really hard to describe the feeling I get from chanting. Ecstatic comes to mind. When I can get my mind to focus on the chant itself, it is an amazing experience. I couldn’t keep it up for an hour (but, hey, I’m new to this), but I got into the “zone” for quite awhile last night and it was wonderful. Couldn’t stop giggling at the end. Nice natural high. The dreams I have when I go to bed are great, too. I have been struggling with some issues lately and, while I can’t remember the dreams, I awoke feeling I had done a lot of healing in the night.

In other news, my cat has forgiven me for stepping on him last night. He came up behind me when I was backing up last night and all of a sudden I heard “Rroawr”. Poor Scruffy. Not many of his parts still work – he’s part blind and deaf and arthritic and has few teeth (he is 19, after all) and I go and step on him. He stalked off and disappeared for the rest of the evening. But he was back for breakfast this morning. Gotta love the animals. They are incredibly forgiving.

I have been invited to a Groundhog’s Day party on Sat. night, so I have a legit excuse to bow out of my usual Sat. night activity (the one with the jerks). Only problem is that I know the place will be packed and there will be some people there I haven’t seen in ages. They will ask where T is. My customary line is “Weve decided to separate for now,” and leave it there. I really dislike crowds.

Tonight’s D&D game is cancelled. As much as I love D&D, it’s probably good. I have a ton of stuff that needs to be done by Sat AM. If the game were on, I’d go and procrastinate.

Now for Friday. Do I go to the gathering I know T will attend, or stay home and watch SciFi Friday on my own? Bad juju happened last time I went to that gathering. Should I give it another shot?


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