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I was warned.

But I had a plan.

And I am a genius.

A couple of years ago, T bought me a sewing table. Not just a sewing table but a SEWING TABLE. He purchased said table at the OSU auction. It just needed a bit of resurfacing and it would be a perfect place to cut out my costumes (and take up 2/3 of my sewing room). I lovingly sanded and prepped the surface, even drawing my own cutting lines and a ruler on the side before varnishing it. The time came to move it into the room.

Uh Oh!

Flipped on its side, there was no way to maneuver it into the room. We took off the door. Still no way. There were several options. Cut off the legs and reattach them (eep! No!!!) Cut into the wooden doorjam (T's favorite) (patch wood????) or cut holes in the drywall. The next weekend, while he was gone, I executed the drywall maneuver.

I was able to patch the holes in the hallway without a problem. The ones in the room were more difficult since I had used them to patch the holes in the hallway from the back. I had the most trouble with the one near the floor.

I left off working on them until now. I sanded the ones in the hallway and the top one in the room and applied texturizer to match the wall. A coat of paint and you won't be able to tell the difference. Then there was that bottom hole.

My plan was simple. I had stapled the rectangular piece of drywall to patch the hole to some fine metal mesh. I stuffed the mesh into the hole. I had a can of spray foam insulation - the kind that grows as it comes out of the can. I planned to spray this behind the patch so that it would float it into place, Voila! Genius!

[ profile] miladycarolhad warned me that sprayfoam was evil, but since I was using it for a different purpose, I thought I was safe...

I opened the lid, affixing the straw on the nozzle. I gently pushed it behind the patch and depressed the trigger and sprayed....for a long time. I pulled it out. Foam oozed from the tube. I quickly put it in another place and sprayed.....still not much, I pulled it out again. I was clearly not getting it anywhere I wanted it to be.

Meanwhile, I had set the can on the floor. A pile of foam was building on the carpet and side of the can. I grabbed it up with a piece of scrap paper and scooped the foam off the carpet with my hand. Now my hands were sticky. The evil foam canister never shut off!! I stuck it in a sack to contain it.

I hate it when my hands are sticky. When cooking, I have to wash the sticky off my hands right away. Unfortunately, the solvent information for the evil foam was covered up by.....evil foam!!!!!

Off to the bathroom shelves for home chemistry she goes. Soap and Water? no. Vaseline? no Alcohol? no Vinegar? no Orange Cleaner? no WD40? no Acetone? yes!!!! Soaking it in nail polish remover makes the sticky go away.

I return to my project and find the patch hanging out of the wall, backed with foam. I push it back in, and maneuver it around a bit. All done save for the Spackle and retexturing.

You know, it actually kind of worked.

Then again, I am a genius.


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