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I am very sleepy, but I just had to do a little post before sleeping.

Yet another of my friends has stepped off of my flist and into real life.

I met [ profile] oddnari and it seems as though we have known each other for ages!!

We talked for sometime and I met her Mom, who is very sweet and made delicious snacks (nice, spicy samosas!!!), then we went out to the rose gardens and serendipitously came upon a free Curtis Salgado concert in the park. Then we went for Greek food. All evening, we found we shared common philosophies and concerns.

I sense there will be more adventures to come.... :)
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I was feeling a bit droopy and read [ profile] fiona_fawkes entry about the friending frenzy hosted by [ profile] thysanotus. So I went up there and started friending folks. I didn't get very far before I got a headache -- but I did friend a few folks -- welcome! I also put my profile on the page. I don't know if I am interesting enough to pick out of that huge crowd!

I did get down today, but I made myself get out and be social and it was good.

If I could just figure out how to access my webpage so I could make some new icons, my life would be complete. I am so not a computer geek, I am a chemistry geek. I can take apart and fix my HPLC in nothing flat. But I have this love/hate thing going with computers. Gah!


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