Jun. 22nd, 2007

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You think you're having a bad day, then you read something like this and you realize you just can't compete.

From the Spokane Spokesman Review article:
“There’s nothing weirder than looking at your car cruising down your driveway when you’re not in it and seeing your dog jump out and then watching your car go splash,” Ewing said.

Mt. Hood

Jun. 22nd, 2007 04:40 pm
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I got back late Wednesday from Grand Chapter. I got to be a Grand Page this year and it was fun, but very busy.

The chapter session is held in Pendleton every year - which is in north central Oregon. It means a long drive. If we are not stopping in Portland on the way, we tend to take the scenic route, which is effectively a shortcut. Instead of going straight north on I-5, then turning on to I-84 at Portland, we go around the back of Mt. Hood to join I-84 at Hood River. This is an absolutely gorgeous drive, and surprisingly few people take it. Going this way, we cut out having to go through the Portland Metro area, which is usually slow.

It was dark on the way to Pendleton, but we managed to leave in the daytime coming back. Rounding a corner, we got a beautiful view of Mt. Hood with a lens-shaped cloud over its peak. I convinced Mom and my sister to stop for a couple of pictures:

Mt Hood Picspam )


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