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My DSL went out again last night. After calling and telling them if they don't fix it FOR GOOD this time I shall cancel my service, they said they'd have a tech out tomorrow.

The tech showed up within 1/2 hour. This was the same one that told me the problem was that my line filter wasn't seated properly last time. While he was checking the line, it came on again mysteriously! HE saw it for himself! He put me on a new line from the hub. he replaced the carbons. Then he went to his truck. While filling out the paperwork, IT WENT DOWN AGAIN!!!!

He came back in and replaced the modem. He said, short of replacing my computer, there was nothing left to do. Deus ex machina...

I have to go to a meeting tonight, but my stomach is acting up. I'll work on comments when I return!


Feb. 21st, 2007 11:56 am
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I know you're getting tired of my internet woes, so I'll keep this brief.

Abandoning the traditional methods, I have turned to something more scientific. I put a statue of Ganesh on top of my modem and am burning incense. It appears to be working since I have had service for a longer period (several hours!) now than in in the last 7 days. It smells good and it works.

My apologies to American Idolatry fans, but I truly resent your pre-empting House last night to get your crack. PFFFT!!!!!

On the brighter side: JERICHO!

Back to getting some work done!


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