Aug. 30th, 2007

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During the most recent LJ controversy, someone quite rightly noted that had the artists in question drawn underaged Harry, Draco and Weasleys being beheaded with chainsaws rather than in flagrante delicto, the art would still be in place. The offense never art depicting the abuse of children, but art depicting of the breaking of a taboo.

The news is filled with Republicans weighing in on the morality of Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig and whether or not he was soliciting sex in an airport bathroom. Democratic blogs and airwaves are jammed with cries of hypocrisy, especially since the rediscovery of this very juicy 1999 exchange between Craig and Tim Russert, where Craig repeatedly calls Clinton a bad and naughty boy.

Meanwhile, Republicans have countered with a head-spinning argument that somehow concludes that if we had had a moral president in office, instead of President Clinton, Mark Foley and Ted Haggart would not have lost their way. Not to be deterred, the Democrats have begun to call for a policy of confronting conservatives whenever they make extremely anti-homosexual statements with the fact that the most vehement detractors to date had turned out to be gay.

Lost in this whole debate are several issues:
-Why, in this day and age, are gay men still resorting to sex in bathrooms?
-Of all the crimes that occur at airports, why are police spending valuable time staking out bathrooms looking for men having sex?
-Are there as many police staking out airport bars looking for heterosexual couples sneaking off for a quickie? Are there guides to "bar pick up lines" that they can use to charge such offenders with lewd conduct in a public place?

The manner of Larry Craig's arrest smacks of nothing less than institutionalized homophobia. The real lessons of Larry Craig's arrest are that society needs to truly decriminalize homosexuality, dating while homosexual and homosexual sex. It doesn't mean that sex should be encouraged in public places, but it's hard to believe that a senator could not pay in cash for a cheap hotel room.

But then, there's that, "I'm not Gay," thing.


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