Jul. 10th, 2007

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There was a security breach today at the Oakland Airport. A man managed to get past the TSA area without being checked. They searched, but could not find him. It is understandable that they would take the precaution of rescreening all the passengers. At least I thought so until I read the following, from the KPIX News story:

It was not clear whether the man who caused the breach had intentionally skipped the screening.

"People get misdirected like that. They don't know where they are going so they go the wrong way," TSA spokesman Nico Melendez said.

One would think that if such a breach delays flights and inconveniences so many people, someone just might think to make it easier to tell which way people are supposed to go. I experienced this myself at LAX. I was in a hurry to catch my next flight, and there were no signs at all to tell where the next gate I was supposed to go to was. I had to flag someone down and ask them.

Places like Disneyland and Universal Studios move thousands of people everyday. They know where they're supposed to go, and where they're not supposed to go. If we have to live with this overdone security system, perhaps it would behoove airports to consider consulting with experts on people moving to remove obstacles to getting them to their destinations. If they know people get misdirected, why not take steps to prevent it?


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