Apr. 20th, 2007


Apr. 20th, 2007 10:34 am
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The FDA is now investigating the possibility that the contamination of the pet food was deliberate.

According to an LA Times article, melamine may have been intentionally added to the wheat gluten, rice protein and now corn gluten to make it appear that the substances had a high protein content. The FDA is seeking permission from the Chinese government to investigate the factories involved. The Chinese government denies it had regulatory responsibility because the products were not intended for use in pet food.

Some 30 dogs have died in South Africa after eating Royal Canin dog food with melamine contaminated corn gluten. The contaminated corn gluten has not been found outside South Africa. Meanwhile, Royal Canin has begun a recall of its products containing suspect rice protein concentrate in the US.

The contaminated rice protein also ended up at a hog farm in Stanislaus County, CA, as a result of hogs being fed salvage pet food. The hogs' urine has tested positive for melamine. The hog farm, which supplies hogs that are purchased for cooking whole, has been placed under quarantine.

The FDA has now published a downloadable, searchable list of recalled products on its website. The recall list is now some 40 pages in length.

I sincerely hope these companies will think twice before buying from China in the future. Isn't it about time we gave local farmers a boost?
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Being a belly dancer, I have used zils , or finger cymbals, for a long time. I have always wanted a set of Zildjian zils because of their beautiful tone. I got wind of a sale on Amazon, and having a little bit of money to splurge with, I ordered a pair.

They came today. I eagerly open the package to find a red velvet bag...containing two zils.

For any other brand of zils - a "pair" equals four, not two. I have two hands and need two for each hand. I use both to tap out the complex patterns of middle eastern percussion.

*facepalm* Would have saved on shipping had I ordered two "pair". Drat. But they sound nice.


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