Mar. 31st, 2007

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Earlier this week, I openly pondered what controls were in place to prevent a widespread human poisoning similar to that now besetting the pet food industry.

It now appears that there has been at least one human victim. According to an article in the National Post, Ms. Elaine Larabie of Ottawa decided to take matters into her own hands when her dog, Missy, refused to eat her Iams food. Larabie tricked missy into eating the food by eating a bite herself, not once, but for two weeks. Se thought she had a virus when she ended up in in the ER with ...a range of "confusing" and "embarrassing" symptoms, including loss of appetite, vomiting and foaming of the mouth. She also had problems urinating.

She had taken the dog to the vet to be spayed where the vet discovered the dog's illness. Her own medical bills are being covered by Iams.

The story itself is getting stranger by the day. [ profile] wook77 alerted me to today's news of the expanding recall: Hills Prescription Feline Dry Food - the first dry food to be included in the recall, is now on the list. Added also were Purina Petcare and ALPO Prime Cuts. The Purina recall comes in response to learning that one of its 17 plants used wheat gluten form the same source as the contaminated product.

Even more odd is the fact that the culprit may not be aminopterin, as was previously reported, but a fertilizer and plastic called melamine. Scientists have yet to figure out why this chemical would have the effect on animals it has had.

From the USA Today Article:
"Quite simply, one supplier's product was adulterated in a manner that was not part of any known screening process for wheat gluten," Menu Foods CEO Paul Henderson said today. He declined to identify the company that provided the wheat gluten — other than to say that it was a new supplier for the company — and said Menu Foods was contemplating legal action against the supplier.

Henderson said Menu Foods had a "great deal of interest" in learning why it was supplied with adulterated wheat that would pass the screening.

The FDA said Friday the agency is now testing 100% of incoming wheat gluten supplies from China.

Am I the only one that is bothered by the fact that the manufacturer of the wheat gluten has yet to be publicly named? We're supposed to trust that they haven't sold anything to any one else? Shouldn't the manufacturer be make public so that other companies, like Purina can check to make certain they didn't get some of the gluten? Something stinks here.


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