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Sep. 1st, 2005 08:30 pm
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This evening I heard one of the best pieces of journalism I have heard in ages. NPR's Robert Siegal held Homeland Security Security Secretary Michael Chertoff's feet to the fire about people stranded in the New Orleans Convention Center. Go to the link and listen. Siegal is brilliant.

Why are people looting in New Orleans? Because they haven't any food and water -- even at designated sites. Why aren't the sites stocked? Because there aren't enough National Guard to distribute food and water. Where are the National Guard? Oh, come on, you know where they are.

The other thing I heard today was obscene. The blogger Attytood tells the story the best. the danger posed to New Orleans by even a small hurricane has been known for years. The funds meant to strengthen those levees were eaten by the COW.

The people of New Orleans are starving. The COW is getting fat.
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What is that huge munching sound coming from the East? Sound like a giant COW. Careful. That link will just depress you if you watch it too long.

I started thinking of a couple of John Prine songs -- gonna have to download these puppies because I don't own them and haven't heard them in years -- but here's the lyrics. The first, Flag Decal should be "Magnetic Ribbon" nowadays to carry the same sentiment. Damn, things never change!

I wonder why we're not hearing more about the problem in the second, Sam Stone, though I hear PTSD cases are soaring.

This is one COW I wouldn't mind killing.


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