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This bit from SlashDot showed up on one of my mailing lists this morning:

Your Rights Online: In the UK, Possession of the Anarchist's Cookbook Is
Posted by Zonk on Mon Oct 08, '07 03:22 AM
from the orwell-would-have-been-so-proud dept.
[ The Courts ]
Anonymous Terrorist writes "Back in the midsts of time, when I was a lad
and gopher was the height of information retrieval I read The
Anarchist's Cookbook in one huge text file. Now it appears the UK
government considers possession of the book an offense under the
Terrorism Act 2000 and is prosecuting a 17 year old boy, in part, for
having a copy of the book. 'The teenager faces two charges under the
Terrorism Act 2000. The first charge relates to the possession of
material for terrorist purposes in October last year. The second relates
to the collection or possession of information useful in the preparation
of an act of terrorism.'"'s_Cookbook

I admit to a flash of ZOMG!CivilRights!WTF! and went to the BBC News link. It said exactly what the SlashDot article said.

Before assailing you with a diatribe on civil rights, I decided to get a few more details.

The Yorkshire Post reports that there were two teenagers arrested for terrorism in Yorkshire. The first was allegedly using the Anarchist Cookbook to construct a bomb with the chemicals he was arraigned for possessing last month: some 950g of potassium nitrate and 250g of calcium chloride. The boy had recently returned from Pakistan.

The second boy was from the same neighborhood and was also charged with possession of The Anarchist Cookbook as well as other materials.

Obviously, there is a lot more to this story. There is a big difference between having the Anarchist Cookbook and using it.
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