Jul. 25th, 2007

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Here's a possible impetus for Six Apart's action last week with respect to enhancing their own rules against posting "kiddie porn".

MySpace has removed the profiles of 29,000 registered sex offenders, and has challenged other social networking sites to do the same, according to BBC News.

I am no fan of sexual predators. People who abuse other people are rotten. I'm in favor of not letting predators get ahold of kids. I'm in favor of parents talking to their children and being nosey and monitoring their time on the computer, too.

Having made that clear, let us stop and think. Among those listed as "registered sex offenders" are people who did nothing more than have gay sex in park. Stupid, yes, but predatory? No. Some of these registries make no distinction between the truly dangerous sexual predators and the folks who got caught up in antebellum morality statutes. Some registries are fore life, with no possibility of getting your name removed. So, you make a mistake as a youth, do your time, and thirty years down the road you are still on the list and can't get an apartment, a job, and now can't even get on MySpace? I truly hate zero-tolerance policies.
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We've all heard about saving greenhouse gases and reducing our carbon dioxide footprint by reducing dairy, but I had never heard the sad story of the so-called "bobby calves".

I'll let you read it, If you choose, and then let you choose if you want another latte. Make mine soy or hemp milk, please.

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