May. 14th, 2007

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In high school, I participated in Model United Nations. We had the opportunity to represent China, and I was on the Security Council (we had delegates for each committee).

We were meeting in a room that was near the parking lot. It was a hot day in northern California, the school where our meeting took place. All of a sudden, we heard tires squealing outside. Three men in Palestinian kafias rushed in with handguns and grabbed the Israeli delegate, who was set to give a speech about the state of relations with the palestinians.

Several of the delegates ducked under the tables. I stood there, frozen. That's when I found out that I am a "deer in the headlights" kind of girl: I just sort of stand there with my mouth gaping open while people are doing dangerous things in front of my nose.

The police were called in. I turned out that the whole thing had been staged my the Israeli delegation. Were they ever in trouble!!!! Even though it was a prank, no one was hurt, and the guns were not real, they were prosecuted and had to pay fines. It was very traumatic for some of the students.

What was a bad idea for some high school students was an even worse idea for some elementary school staff in Tennessee. Huffington Post carried an AP story about a "learning experience" cooked up by the staff of Scales Elementary School while on a week-long outing. They told 69 sixth graders that there was a gunman on the loose and that it was not a drill. They even had a teacher in a hooded sweatshirt try the locked door as the children cowered under the tables.

The parents of traumatized youngsters want to know why this was done so recently after the tragedy at Virginia Tech.

What happened in my youth was before Columbine, and the kids involved were prosecuted. The school officials are uncertain as to whether they will even discipline the teachers. Personally, I'd be more certain. Someone should be fired.


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