Mar. 12th, 2007

Of Quotes

Mar. 12th, 2007 12:54 am
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I have been opining here on LJ since May 17, 2005, to the pleasure of some, I hope, and to the annoyance of others, I believe.

It does feel good to see one's work read and appreciated. Comments and criticism, arguments and conversation are always fun.

I write about politics in hopes of shedding light on subjects that need the clarity of daylight. I often add personal experiences and endeavor to express my opinion based upon those experiences of the world. No two people have had the same experiences or can address the same issue from the same perspective. We can often see similarities in each other and use those similarities to come together in hopes of building a better world.

In shaping my political posts, I try to be honest about where I get my material. When I find it in another blog, I post a link to that blog. When I use material from a news source, I link to that source and make it clear when I am quoting that source. I want you to know which words are mine, and which words are from another source. That is simple respect.

I ask the same respect for my own work. If you quote me in your journal, please credit me and provide a link* to my post. Make it clear what words are mine, and what you have added.

Comments are, as always, appreciated.

*You can link by clicking on "permanent link" on the entry, copying that URL, and pasting it into a link on your entry. Or look it up in the FAQ's.

Note: I am adding this to my profile today.


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